How it Works?

OK, Have you heard about pre-order item?
If yes, you can skip this. But you have to take note about this.
For those who dunno anything about pre-order item, this is how it works.
- You, as a buyer gonna place an order in the pre-order period.
-The order will be made direct to us at  analogue2u[at]
- Within that period of time, we will email you a conformation email.
- In that conformation email, we will include our account number ( this is needed to transfer your money for us)
- After you make the payment, the order can't be canceled and the money wouldn't be refund.
- Wait for 1-4 weeks for item reach us.(Usually 1-2 weeks only, 3-4 weeks for vintage item like smena n etc.)
-After that, we will send the item to you either by postage or COD (limited area)
-After 4 weeks, if you haven't got your item, we will refund you back.

Q : When will be the pre-order period?
A : The pre-order period gonna closed every 2nd and 4th week every month

Q : Is there any warranty for all the item you sell?
A : Yes it have.

Q : Why we have to wait for 2-6 weeks before get our item?
A : The item is imported from the oversea. So it takes time to reach us.

Q : Why we should buy the lomo camera from you?
A : The price for all item we sold is cheapest in town. Quote me if you can find any store that sell lomo camera cheaper than us. 

Q : Why your item is cheap compared to the other seller? Are you trying to con us?
A : Sorry my friend, we are not conman. All of our item is imported from the oversea, not from the local distributor, that gonna make it cheaper than the other.

Q : How can we contact you?
A : If anything problem, you can contact us at our email analogue2u[at] 

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