Smena Symbol

Manufacturer : Smena
Condition : 2nd hand item
Colors Available : Black
Price : RM 150
Warranty : Yes (4 weeks)
Item Code : Smena Symbol

Technical information

Body: camera Type: fixed-lens viewfinder, film type 35 mm, frame size 24x36 mm, central shutter, shutter speeds B 1/15 - 1/250, flash sync for all speeds.
 Lens: T-43 triplet focal length 40, aperture speed 1:4, aperture stops: 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, focusing range: from 1 m to infinity

Smena Symbol also known as 'Смена Символ'


Working: Excellent ++
Cosmetical: Excellent ++

Body has minor signs of age or use. Viewfinders is clean.
All features have been SERVICED and TESTED by professional repairman and works properly.

Sample picture taken from Smena Symbol.

Additional Information

- Item is shipped in from oversea. The unexpected delay might occurred when dealing with international shipping.
-All item is used item. Minor scratches or wear and tear marks should be expected. Anyhow, every item sold are tested in terms of its functionality

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